If you are missing teeth, then you may be faced with the question of dentures or dental implants? Some patients find themselves cautious of dentures because they can be uncomfortable and slip around while in the mouth. This is true and often times why patients do choose dental implants. Today, more and more patients have started to rely on dental implants because they do offer better chewing abilities, they look natural, and they will last a lifetime. With that said, dental implants have many pros and advantages to them. Below, Dr. Shirley Bien will talk dental implants vs. dentures to show you some of the key differences between them. Let’s take a look.


1. Dental implants work to preserve the bone that is left in your jaw and they keep your facial structure the same without change whereas dentures do not preserve bone and patients experience bone loss and a change in their facial appearance.

2. Dental implants are a permanent solution whereas dentures are not permanent, and they can be removed, and they need to be re-aligned and replaced every so many years.

3. Dental implants do not require you to use any type of cream or adhesive whereas dentures do require the use of these types of products.

4. Dental implants feel and function just like your natural teeth whereas dentures feel fake or unnatural in your mouth.

5. Dental implants are easy to care for and clean whereas dentures can be difficult to clean and may feel more like a chore to the wearer.

6. Dental implants are secured in place into the jawbone and will remain stable and comfortable whereas dentures are movable and may cause irritation and discomfort at times.

7. Dental implants are an investment that will last your lifetime, whereas dentures are less expensive but have to be replaced often.

8. Dental implants can improve your ability to chew whereas dentures can limit what you can and cannot eat due to chewing ability.


There are many differences between both dentures and dental implants and one of the most significant differences that patients will see is the cost of each. When patients look at dentures, they will notice that the cost is significantly less than that of dental implants.

At first glance, you may think that dentures are a better fit. When breaking down the cost of dentures, Dr. Shirley Bien wants to remind you that the initial cost is much lower, but then you have to factor in the cost of adhesives and fixatives, replacement or re-alignment of the dentures, and any of costs that come with them during aftercare.

The cost will climb with dentures and this is why it is important to sit and consider both options. Removable dentures need to be replaced anywhere between 7 and 15 years. Dental implants last up to 25 years, which means you may need to replace your dentures anywhere from two to four times in the lifespan of implants.

Patients who want a lifelong solution to their missing teeth will find that dental implants are a better options and Dr. Shirley Bien recommends them too. Dental implants are worth the investment when you sit down and compare the two options side by side. Dentures cannot match the comfort level that implants can.

If you find yourself worried about the cost of dental implants, do not hesitate to call our Fremont, CA office. We have a number of payment plans that can help you afford your tooth replacement option.


One of the reasons why Dr. Shirley Bien recommends dental implants is because they can help to prevent bone loss in your jaw. Dentures cannot preserve the bone in your jaw and can cause a change in your facial structure and the way your face looks. Implants work to preserve the bone and thus prevent a change in facial structure.


Comfort and performance are two of the most important aspects of your dental health and without them, you may constantly feel uncomfortable and unable to talk or chew properly. Dental implants can provide you with a look and feel that is natural and something dentures cannot do.

Removable dentures can and often do slip around in the mouth, which can lead to irritation and also embarrassment when you speak or chew. Dr. Shirley Bien wants to remind you that you also need to use fixatives with dentures to help ensure they stay in place.

Dental implants are the ideal option, but dentures can be used too, should you want them. Today is the day to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Shirley Bien in our Fremont office – call now.