The Internet is a source for new ideas and trends that have gained traction and taken off. Many kids and teens view YouTube and the Internet to see what fashion trends are hot and what is considered cool these days. YouTube and the Internet give you the opportunity to reach millions and billions of people all over the world. While there are many cute and friendly things shared online, there are some dangerous ideas that tend to circulate around.

The worst trend right now is DIY braces. Yep, do-it-yourself braces. There was a video that originated that showed a young girl placing earring backs on her teeth to create her own braces. The idea took off and quickly became a trend. Gabby is now receiving proper orthodontic treatment, and this is a trend you do NOT want to partake in.

Below, Dr. Shirley Bien from Greenhills Dental Care in Fremont, CA will discuss what DIY braces are and why you need to avoid them. There are risks associated with this form of orthodontic treatment and they can ruin your teeth. If you think that you may need treatment, call our office today to schedule an appointment – do NOT try to put braces on your own teeth.


If you have never heard of DIY braces or you have never seen the video for them, be glad. They are dangerous and can cause serious issues with your teeth. DIY braces are a form of orthodontic treatment that is completed by you and done in your home without the care of an orthodontist. Sounds like a bad idea, right?

If you have ever seen videos for gap bands, these are DIY braces. One of the things that teens and kids do not understand is that these gap bands can actually cause tooth loss.

Often times, DIY braces are used by teens because they do not want traditional braces, or they are afraid that they will be made fun of. Often, kids are teased at school and this can be a reason why they want to try DIY braces because they look cool and fun.

While there may be a reason you want to try DIY braces, you do not want to actually do it, as you will regret it.


DIY braces not safe and you should never attempt to use them on your teeth as you will cause more harm than good. While it may be tempting to simply ignore these instructions, you do not want to try them and experience tooth loss or any of the other issues that may occur. The American Association of Orthodontics has labeled DIY braces as a serious health hazard. They also warn that tooth loss related to gap bands can cost $20,000 or more to correct. In addition, teens cannot receive dental implants until they are 18 or older, which means they may have a missing tooth for some time.

Below, we will explain some of the risks associated with DIY braces.

Your teeth can fall out. We have already mentioned it a couple of times now, and your teeth can fall out. In fact, DIY braces can go under the gum and become wrapped around the tooth root, which can result in tooth loss.

You risk permanently damaging your teeth. Even if your teeth do not fall out, you risk them becoming permanently damaged or seriously damaged from these DIY braces. The roots and gums will suffer the most.

Movement in orthodontics is precise. It takes precision and careful movement of your teeth to ensure they are straightened properly. If they are moved too quickly, they can become damaged or the roots may resorb into your mouth and this can lead to tooth loss as well.


Now that you know about DIY braces and why they are bad for you, you can explore other options for treatment. There are many affordable orthodontic treatments that can provide you with the results you desire. At Greenhills Dental Care in Fremont, CA, we want you to visit us to learn more about your available options. Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bien.