Dental Implants and Diabetes

Dental Implants and Diabetes

Have you been hesitant to receive dental implants due to your diabetes? Greenhills Dental Care, located in Fremont, CA wants you to know that we are here to answer all of your questions about dental implants. We know how important it is for you to have the information you need on hand and one of the most commonly asked questions is whether patients who have controlled diabetes can have dental implants. Many individuals think that the diabetes will lead to complications and issues when it comes to healing and while this is true in many cases, it is not true in all cases. Below, Dr. Shirley Bien will discuss diabetes and dental implants with you to help you gain a better understanding of whether they are a good fit for you or not, even if you have diabetes.

It is possible for you to receive dental implants while you have diabetes, especially if it is controlled. Dr. Bien and her associates will sit down and talk to you about the benefits and risks associated with dental implants. One of the startling facts that Dr. Bien wants you to know is that more than 26 million Americans have diabetes and many of them do not even know that they do. Diabetes is a disease that affects the way your body produces or uses insulin in the body. Sometimes, the pancreas does not produce enough or produces too much insulin, which can lead to serious complications. Problems arise when too little glucose is produced.

There are two types of diabetes, which include both Type I and Type II. The most common type is II which affects most of the population. This type of diabetes occurs when the body is unable to respond to the amount of insulin that the body produces, or the body does not produce enough insulin at all.

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One of the biggest concerns about diabetes is that it can lead to some serious health complications such as kidney disease, gangrene, nerve damage, vision problems, and more. If your blood glucose levels become out of control, this can lead to coma or even death in some cases. If your diabetes is controlled, you are less likely to experience any of these complications.

If you think that you may have diabetes, it is vital that you speak with your primary care provider, as there are tests that can be performed to ensure that you do not have the disease. In addition, these tests will be able to tell you if you are at a higher risk for diabetes. Diabetes can be controlled with insulin injections, medications, and an improvement in your diet.

Diabetes and the Way Your Body Heals

It is not uncommon for diabetics to suffer from a slowdown in their healing process. This can often lead to infections and further complications, especially when there is a wound that is present. Diabetes can cause blood flow to be reduced and you may experience restricted blood vessels, which will cause low blood flow to your fingers, gums, eyes, and kidneys.

Another complication that can arise when you have diabetes is a slower response to inflammation. When inflammation occurs, the body recognizes that there is a problem and then works to fight it off. When diabetes is uncontrolled, inflammation can go without a response for a while and this can lead to tissue damage.

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One of the things that Dr. Bien wants you to know is that dental implant surgery is not as difficult or intrusive as it sounds and is often routine in nature. Even when you have diabetes, it is likely that you WILL have SUCCESS with the dental implants that are placed. Studies that have been conducted have shown good results in the way of diabetes and dental implants. The only issue that arises from diabetes and dental implants is that healing times may be slowed down when the diabetes is uncontrolled.

Dr. Shirley Bien has taken time to study different research methods and clinical studies to ensure that dental implants are a good idea for patients. The results of these studies have shown that patients who have diabetes and those without diabetes can have a 95% success rate, no matter their blood glucose levels.

Dr. Bien wants you to know that there are tooth replacement options available for you and dental implants may be a good choice, even when you have controlled diabetes. The benefits of dental implants outweigh the risks that are associated with them.

If you would like to discuss your options with Dr. Bien, do not hesitate to call our Fremont, CA office today to schedule an appointment.

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