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Comprehensive Dental Care at Greenhills Dental Care in Fremont, CA

Dr. Bien is prepared to help patients of all ages enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile with a wide range of treatments. She provides dental care that goes beyond just cleaning your teeth. In fact, Dr. Bien helps you make the right lifestyle, nutrition, and preventative care choices. Surely, she helps you to look good, feel good, and keep your teeth healthy for life.

Dr. Bien graduated from Manila Central University in 1981. She then moved to San Francisco where she spent the next 3 years working and studying for the board examinations. In 1985, Dr. Bien became a California Dental Board licensed Dentist. She has made dentistry a life long commitment and attends countless hours of continuing education to stay at the forefront of her profession. Dr. Bien has been practicing and been in business in Fremont for over 25 years.  She’s a member of ADA, CDA, SADS, and LVI.

The American Dental Association Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations

Certificate satisfactory attainment in the National Board Dental Examinations

State of California Board of Dental Examiners

Certificate to practice Dentistry in the State of California

Academy of General Dentistry

General Dentists

The Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry

Esthetic Dentistry

International Association for Orthodontics

Associate Membership / General Orthodontics

Bay Area Center for Craniomandibular Disorders

Advanced post-graduate continuing education program for the diagnosis and treatment of Craniomandibular Disorders

The Mid-America Orthodontic Society

Post-Graduate Program, Advanced Orthondontics – TMJ
Seminar I: State of the Art Esthetics

Mid-America Orthodontic Society

Post-Graduate Program, Mini Residency in Orthodontics

Inline Osthodontics

Certificate of Training: Inline System training program and is a provider of invisalign through inline Orthondontics
Seminar II: Occlusion in Clinical Practice

Perio Institute

Crown Lengthening Whorkshop


Chirodontics Dental Techniques, Specialized Coursework: Advances TMJ Diagnosis & Treatment; AccuLiner Tri-Planer Cranial Analisis, Diagnosis of Skeletsl, Cranial & Dental Distortions; Dental Trearment of Cranial Distortions; Cranial Orthopedic Appliance Design


Chirodontics One. Specialized Coursework: Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Strategies; Proprioception & Pain; Cranial Anatomy; Tri-Planer Cranial Analysis; Ascending & Descending Postural; Cranial Suture Palpation/ Realease Techniques


Chirodontics Examinations & TReatment Strategies. Specialized Coursework: Chirodontic Examination & Records Protocol; Interpretation of 25 Step Analysis; Spinal, Cranial & Dental Radiographic Protocol; TMJ Treatment Planning; Interpretation of Tri-Planer Analisis; Comprehensive Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

American Association for Functional Orthodontists

Membership Certificate of AAFO

Institute for TMD/Migraine Therapy

APS Trining continuum fot the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders and migraine headches, and is therefore awarded this status of completion

The Southern California osthodontic Study Group

Post-Graduate Course Orthodontics, TMJ, dento-facial Orthopedies for Genereal and Pediatric Dentists

Institute for TMD/Migraine Therapy

APS Training on the Therapeutic Equipment, Protocols and Treatment for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders and migraine headaches, and is therefore awarded this status of completion



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