If you have never heard of laser dentistry, do not worry! There are many people who do not know what it is and not all dental offices use the technology. Lasers were introduced into the dental field in about 1994. While the lasers are, FDA approved, there is not one that has gained the approval of the ADA just yet. However, the ADA does not deny the use of the technology, but states that it is optimistic about its role in the field of dentistry.

When you think about a typical laser, you may think of a pen like object with a red dot sight. While this is one type of laser, it is not the type that is used in the dental field. Dental lasers are different from lasers used in phototherapy to reduce inflammation, headaches, and pain.

At Greenhills Dental Care, we use lasers to treat several conditions that our patients may experience. Below, we will discuss some of those treatments.

Gum Disease

Lasers can be used to aid in the healing of gum disease. Specifically, the laser can reshape the gum and then remove any bacteria that exists.

Tooth Decay

Lasers are used to eliminate tooth decay that is present on and within a tooth. The laser can also help to prepare the area around the cavity for the filling.

Teeth Whitening

In our Fremont office, you will find that we use lasers to whiten your teeth. The laser is used in conjunction with a bleaching solution to provide you with a beautiful, pearly smile.

Lesion Removal

If a lesion is present in your mouth, a laser may be used to remove the area for sample. This is especially true when Dr. Bien may think that oral cancer is a possibility.

How Does the Laser Work?

You may be wondering just how the laser works. Is it automatic? Is it point and done? What happens? The laser works by sending out energy that presents itself in the form of light. The laser works to vaporizer tissue and cut into objects or pieces of tissue that Dr. Bien needs to access. In addition, the laser can be used to help strengthen bonds between fillings and your tooth or it can be used to activate other products for a dramatized effect on your teeth.

If you have any questions about the way our lasers work, please do not hesitate to call our Fremont office and inquire. Dr. Bien will be happy to explain the laser procedures to you in great detail.
Are There Pros and Cons?
As with any procedures and dental tools, there will always be pros and cons to the use of them. It is important to understand what these pros and cons are, so that you and Dr. Bien can make the decision about what is best for your dental care.


  • Can preserve more of your healthy tooth when used for cavity removal
  • Can cause patients to experience less pain
  • Can eliminate the need for anesthesia
  • Minimizing swelling and bleeding that may occur after procedures
  • Can reduce the anxiety some patients experience


  • Cannot fill cavities that are located in between teeth or very large cavities
  • Cannot be used on teeth that already have a filling in place
  • Can be quite costly for the patient
  • Not all patients can forgo anesthesia with a laser
  • Lasers cannot complete fine details on a tooth such as reshaping

Gum Disease and Laser Treatment

Gum disease is prevalent in many Americans and it is important for you to receive the care that you need for your gums, but many people choose to forgo it in the attempt to make it go away on its own. Unfortunately, gum disease will not go away and it will simply persist until you handle it.

Laser treatment may be the right move for you when it comes to caring for your gums and treating any disease that may be present. The laser itself is very accurate and can be controlled easily to ensure your gums are properly treated and reshaped the way they need to be.

Some of the benefits of laser gum therapy include:

  • Healthy tissues remain in your mouth
  • No stitches and no incisions
  • Saves your teeth
  • Shortest healing process
  • Little to no discomfort
  • Stimulates the regrowth of bone
  • Minimizes how much bleeding occurs

Your Consultation with Greenhills Dental Care

If you are interested in learning more about laser dentistry and how it works, now is the time to call Greenhills Dental Care. Our team is committed to providing you with the best dental care in the area and we work hard to make sure that your oral needs are met every step of the way.

Our team will work closely with you to determine if laser dentistry is the right choice for you and if it is, we will determine a treatment plan using it. If laser dentistry is not the correct option for you, Dr. Bien will let you know and help you find a better treatment option.

It is important that you make sure to attend your follow up appointments to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy, especially if you have received treatment for gum disease. Our team provides you with an atmosphere that is comfortable and we even offer sedation options in the event that you suffer from dental anxiety.

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Bien is easy and once you meet her, you will quickly see why all Fremont patients choose her. She is caring, friendly, and experienced in all aspects of dentistry to provide you with the best care in the entire area. Call Greenhills Dental Care now to discuss your options and to schedule a FREE consultation with us.

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