Have you recently found out that you need to have oral surgery performed? If so, you may be nervous, curious, and anxious all at once. The word surgery can be quite frightening, especially if you instantly think of a hospital, scalpel, and a lot of blood. Fortunately, this is not at all what you should expect in our Fremont office. In fact, oral surgery is not as complicated as that and most procedures are routine in nature.

At Greenhills Dental Care, we want you to know that you do not have to fear oral surgery and we are here to walk you through the process and explain it to you. Dental surgery does not always have to be complicated and can be as simple as a tooth extraction.

Our Fremont office is advanced and high-tech, so you will always be relaxed and comfortable while you are here. Our team is trained in proper dental care and will work with you to provide you with the care you need.

If you think that you need oral surgery, but you want to know for sure, let us know. We will have you come in for a FREE consultation and Dr. Bien will examine your mouth and let you know the outcome. If you do need to have oral surgery performed, we will go over the treatment plan with you.

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Oral Surgery: What Is It?

Oral surgery is a specialty in the dental field that handles all types of dental problems to include diseases, the jaw, and injuries to the mouth and jaw. The most common type of oral surgical procedure performed is the tooth extraction. Oral surgery works quickly to correct any problems that may present themselves in your mouth. Sometimes, surgery is used to improve the look of your smile as well. For example, in a dental implant situation, oral surgery is required and this procedure is done for cosmetic purposes.

When patients start to think about oral surgery, they often jump to extreme images of what will happen, but this is not how it is. Dr. Bien is ready to educate you about the procedure you need and teach you more about what to expect come time.

Types of Oral Surgery Procedures

There are several oral surgical procedures that can be performed. The procedure you need will depend on what you want to achieve and the smile you are going for. Not every procedure is right for you and Dr. Bien will help you choose the ones that will make the most sense.

Dental Implants

Dental implants require oral surgery, but it is not as invasive as you may think. This procedure is used for tooth replacement when you are missing one or more of your teeth. During the procedure, small titanium posts are planted into your jaw bone and as the bone heals, the post becomes locked in and then you can receive a crown on top. The procedure can take up to six months or a year to heal from.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are the most common oral surgery procedures performed and they are usually quick and simple. In fact, most patients heal within a day or two after an extraction. Extractions sometimes require the surgical removal of roots too.

Jaw Surgery

If your jaw has been misaligned or you suffer from any type of jaw conditions, you may need a surgical procedure to correct it. In these situations, Dr. Bien will make small incisions in your mouth to access the jaw and perform the procedure that needs to be done.

Sinus Lifts and Bone Grafts

When you do not have enough bone in your upper or lower jaw, you will need to have either a sinus lift or bone graft performed to generate bone growth in the area where it is missing. If you do not have the procedure performed and you have implants placed, they are likely to fail within the first couple of months.

Dr. Bien is experienced in bone grafts and sinus lifts, so you will be in good hands the entire time.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are more complicated than traditional teeth, which also means that they require more effort and planning than a normal extraction. Because of this, it is important that you only work with a trained Fremont dentist such as Dr. Bien. Wisdom teeth do not often stay in the mouth for long as they are either diseased or they present crowding problems. Some patients can keep their wisdom teeth, but extractions are more common. 

Is Oral Surgery Safe?

Oral surgery is safe and there is no evidence to show that it is too dangerous to have a procedure performed. Of course, there are times when you should avoid dental procedures and that is if you are in poor health or you are on medication that would make the procedure risky.

There are side effects that come along with oral surgery such as an infection, which can occur in anyone at any time once the procedure is done. The infection will often cause a lot of pain and you may even notice pus or bleeding from the surgical site.

You need to make you do not bleed too much as this can be concerning. If you think there is too much blood, you should call our Fremont office right away.

You do also need to keep an eye out for swelling, pain, and any tenderness that may appear at the site of the procedure. These symptoms are normal when they are mild in nature, but anything more than that needs to be reported to Dr. Bien.

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