Your wisdom teeth are the very last of your teeth that will erupt in your mouth. In fact, you do not even have to worry about the coming in until you are much older. There is a total of four wisdom teeth that will erupt and they are in the very back of the mouth, one on each side for the top and bottom. Some people will receive all four of their teeth at one or they will receive just one, maybe two, etc. When your wisdom teeth finally start to erupt, they will often sit underneath or right at the gum line and never truly grow all the way in. This is because they do not have the room to do so and many patients will experience pain and discomfort due to the pressure placed on adjacent teeth. When your wisdom teeth push hard enough onto the nearby teeth, they will cause the teeth to shift and this can affect the way you bite down and the alignment of your teeth in general. Wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth.

If your wisdom teeth are ignored, there are many health and oral problems that may arise and they are a call for concern. If you think that you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, call Greenhills Dental Care today to see Dr. Bien.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

There are two types of impacted wisdom teeth that can occur. The first type is a partially impacted tooth which is where the wisdom tooth has erupted part way from the jaw bone itself. These teeth often sit at an angle in the mouth and they never fully erupt because they are too crowded and there is no room for them. The second type is a fully impacted wisdom tooth. This type of tooth will often be on its side inside of the gums and it never actually comes out or erupts from the bone of gum.

These types of impactions do call for surgical removal and only a trained oral surgeon such as Dr. Bien should remove them. An oral surgeon is someone who specializes in all wisdom tooth extractions and oral procedures that require surgical components.

Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

The answer is no. Not all of them need to be removed. Once a wisdom tooth has started to come through the bone and gum, you may experience pain from it. It is important that you come into our Fremont office at the first sign of pain, as this can indicate a problem with the tooth. Dr. Bien will be able to look over the tooth and determine the next steps to take to preserve your oral health.

Once of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that all the wisdom teeth will come in at once. This is not true. In fact, sometimes, they come in individually. There are some situations in which your wisdom teeth should and need to be removed and those times include:

If your wisdom tooth is PAINFUL, then it needs to be extracted. The only time these teeth can be left alone is when they present no issues.

Wisdom teeth that are only partially erupted can be difficult to take care of, which means they are prone to DISEASE and DECAY. Because of this, these wisdom teeth should be extracted, especially when you are unable to brush and floss the tooth. If you do not remove an infected or decayed tooth, it can begin to affect the gums around it and lead to more issues.
Patients who have impacted wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth that will affect the other surrounding teeth need to be removed for ORTHODONTIC reasons.

When Will They Appear?

When you visit our Fremont office for a periodontal exam, you will be examined by a trained hygienist, who will measure the pockets that are present around your teeth. The pockets will be individually measured to give us an idea of whether you have gum disease and how much of an issue it is.

If gum disease is present, you will not have a cleaning performed on your teeth and you will be recommended for a deep cleaning. Patients who have pockets of more than 3 millimeters will not have their teeth cleaned the same day. While 3 millimeters does not indicate that bone loss has occurred, it does mean that a deep cleaning is needed to prevent the possibility of bone loss from occurring.

For your initial evaluation, your teeth will be measured in six different places using a small probe. The probe has markings on it that indicate the measurements. This probe is placed into the gums is see how deep they are. The further down the probe goes, the deeper the pocket.

Patients with pockets that are four millimeters in depth are considered to have gingivitis. Depths of five millimeters is considered gingivitis. Depths of six millimeters or more is periodontitis.

You will need to have a deep cleaning should your pockets be more than three millimeters. Your mouth may be numbed for the measurement to ensure that it does not hurt when the readings are taken. The process is not supposed to be painful, but it may make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you have an active gum disease infection.

If you need to have a deep cleaning performed, you may be given an anesthetic to help ease any discomfort. You can expect your visit to last about an hour. Once the procedure is over, you will not need to take any medication, as there should be no pain.

Your Wisdom Tooth Consultation in Fremont, CA

Before you have your wisdom, teeth extracted, you will need to come into our office to have a FREE consultation performed. Now, Dr. Bien will perform an exam and make sure that your wisdom teeth need to be removed. She will also take x-rays to determine where the wisdom teeth are and how they sit in your gums.

From there, you will be scheduled to have an extraction performed, should it be needed. Once you come in for an extraction, the area will be numbed and you will remove an anesthetic. The tooth will then be surgically extracted from your mouth or pulled depending on its location and if it is erupted or not. Once the extraction is completed, you will receive sutures.

It is important to make sure that you follow all aftercare instructions that are provided to you. You will receive a cold pack from Dr. Bien to place on your cheeks to reduce swelling that may occur. The longer you use the ice pack, the better. If you are prescribed pain medication, you should take it as directed to prevent infection.

Call Today to Schedule a Consultation

If you think that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, now is the time to call Greenhills Dental Care to schedule an appointment. Dr. Bien specializes in wisdom tooth extraction and can provide you with the care that you need for your teeth. Wisdom teeth can be painful and may not all come in at once, so it is important to receive care the moment you experience a problem. Call us today.

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