A routine cleaning is recommended for all children and adults and should be performed every six months in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Routine checkups will help prevent gum disease and catch it early if it is present. Delayed care for dental conditions can lead to serious problems later on. A routine cleaning is performed in a dental office, such as ours in Fremont, CA. The cleaning itself is conducted by a trained and experienced dental hygienist who will use special tools such as a cavitron machine and scalars.

Scalars are dental tools that are used to remove tartar and plaque from your teeth. The scalar itself is used prior to the polishing of your teeth and when you hear it, it may sound as though it is scaping the tooth. A cavitron machine is a type of ultrasonic scalar that is used to remove tougher plaque and tartar. This machine will vibrate really fast at a high frequency to achieve what it needs to.

The part of the tooth that is cleaned is known as the coronal. This is the part that you can see. The part of your teeth underneath the gums is not cleaned unless you need to have a deep cleaning performed and this is usually only done when gum disease is suspected.

Regular and routine cleanings do not require any gingival cleanings or anything underneath the gum line. Often, this type of cleaning needs to be done under anesthesia, whereas a traditional cleaning does not, as it is not painful at all.

Our office is proud to be able to offer same day emergency appointments in Fremont and Dr. Bien would love to speak with you to learn more about the problem you are experiencing with your teeth. Please call Greenhills Dental Care to schedule an appointment with us.

What to Know About Regular Cleanings

A regular or routine cleaning is one that is recommended for patients who do not suffer from bone loss, gum disease, or any type of serious dental problems. Patients who come in for this type of a cleaning will not have receding gum lines, bleeding gums, or loose teeth. If you do, you will need to have a gum disease checkup performed FIRST.

Routine cleanings will prevent gum disease and tooth decay that occurs from a buildup of tartar and plaque. Calculus that develops below the gum line will infect the gums and irritate them. If this is a problem you suffer with, you will need to have a special cleaning performed to remove it from under the gums.

Unfortunately, calculus cannot be removed at home once it has hardened and it must be removed by a professional. It is important that your home oral hygiene is on point to prevent issues such as this. In fact, 80 percent of care should be done at home and the remaining 20 percent should be handled at your routine dental checkup.

It is known that patients who come in regularly and have their teeth cleaned will actually keep their teeth for longer than those who do not. Routine cleanings may seem like they are not needed if you do not experience pain in your mouth, but the truth is, these cleanings detect small cavities, the onset of gum disease, and other oral problems that you may run into. These cleanings can PREVENT these things from happening. In fact, oral cancer that is caught in its earliest stages can be rectified.

The cleaning in our Fremont office will only take about 45 minutes to complete and a child’s visit will only take about 30 minutes to do, since they have smaller teeth and they are spaced out further. Cleanings that are offered in less than 45 minutes for adults and 30 minutes for patients are not being performed correctly. It is important that you work with a reputable dental office such as ours. We take pride in your teeth and will clean them properly to provide you with the healthy gums and teeth you desire.

All dental cleanings should involve the use of scalars and polishing. If this is not being done at your dentist, call us today and visit Dr. Bien. She will make sure your teeth are cared for correctly.

The polishing part of your teeth is done with a small dental instrument that has a rubber cup on the end and it rotates. The inside of the cup is filled with a polishing agent for your teeth and it has the consistency of sand. Polishing the teeth will leave them shiny and spotless. Your hygienist will also floss your teeth before the procedure is over and brush your teeth with a fluoride solution.

Our Recommendations to You

If you are not used to flossing your own teeth, it is a habit you need to pick up. If you do not, you will find that cavities form between your teeth. There are multiple sides to your tooth and you need to make sure you cover all of them when you floss. Do not be afraid to bend the floss and really get it around your tooth.

We also recommend that you brush with a soft bristle brush, as a hard brush may be too coarse for your gums and cause damage to them. You should purchase a new toothbrush every six months.

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