Dentures are a common tooth replacement option performed by Dr. Shirley Bien of Greenhills Dental. Patients like receiving dentures because they involve a non-invasive non-surgical process. Dentures can help you get your smile back by replacing a few teeth or all of your missing teeth.

Denture Types

Dentures come in two categories: partial and complete. The partial denture is used to replace a few missing teeth. The complete denture is used to replace all of the missing teeth so you have a normal smile again.

The materials used in dental offices vary. One common denture type that’s used regularly is made with Valplast. Dentists prefer this denture material because it’s easy to work with, looks great and is flexible, letting it move with your mouth. Another type of denture is made of a metal frame. While not as flexible as the Valplast denture type, this denture type is comfortable and used by hundreds of patients.

There are also two options for dentures: convention and immediate. The conventional denture is the the set of dentures that can placed in your mouth after your tooth extraction. They aren’t placed in your mouth immediately after which will allow your gums and mouth to heal. However, because you’ve had teeth removed and you need to heal, you won’t have any teeth so you may not want to go this route if possible.

Immediate dentures are different, as they’re replaced in your mouth upon having your teeth extracted. You won’t have to go without your teeth but it will take a bit of time to get used to them. You will need your dentures adjusted adjusted as your mouth heals, but once the process is over, you won’t need to have this performed as often.

Why Get Dentures

If you want to replace your missing teeth, and can’t receive a dental implant, dentures are a great substitute. Teeth that are missing can cause your jaw structure to shrink, while can affect your entire facial structure. Dentures are used to not only replace your teeth, but also prevent this facial sag from happening. A pair of dentures can also help you get that beautiful smile you want.

Living with Dentures

Dentures have helped millions have beautiful replacement teeth, and Dr. Shirley Bien is eager to help you with yours. The dentures can take a bit of time to get used to, but as you use them more, you’ll find it easier to speak and eat with them. Just be patient and practice these processes to become more comfortable with them.

After you have your dentures fitted at our Fremont, CA office, you will need to practice using your tongue now that you have dentures. You may experience some irritation or soreness while getting used to the dentures, but this is normal. If the pain or irritation doesn’t go away after a few days, please contact our office immediately. We can see if the dentures need an adjustment or how we can fix the problem.

Dr. Shirley Bien will need to you come in for a follow-up visit to make sure that your dentures are fitting well and are working for you. After you receive your new dentures, the dentist will give you tips on how to care for them. You’ll need to floss and brush regularly, cleaning your gums, plus rinse your dentures regularly after eating. The dentist will also recommend a denture solution that can properly clean your dentures.

Caring for your dentures is important so that you protect your investment and make sure your mouth is healthy. Don’t think of dentures as just like your real teeth, because they’re not nearly as hearty. Improper maintenance and care of your dentures could make them stain, warp or even break.

Want to know more about dentures and other types of tooth replacement? Call our Fremont, CA office today!

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